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Marbro wrote: I have been getting a little bold when it comes to the diet. Well this morning Candida put me check. I woke up with white film on my toung and just the slightest old feeling of stomach issues I had prior to starting the diet. I only had this happen once before on the diet and that was when I ate some corned beef. Yesterday I bought two large fillet of Salmon. No doubt this is the culprit. I didnt test out a small peace, I just went to town. The only other thing I have eaten the past few days is my normal diet of greens, soup, eggs, bread and kefir.

This is a reminder that if your going to be more flexible and take chances on your diet like me, to test foods. this probely set me back a couple of weeks.

Thanks for that information, Marbro. That’s why the protocol is on the forum and that’s also why it works as all of that information is there for the reading.