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CiproSucks;48612 wrote: Hi Able. I wasn’t providing information, I was asking a question, and I appreciate your answer. I’ve looked everywhere for some statistics on how many people die a year from Candidiasis and can’t find any. But it makes me nervous to read such things and I rarely see it discussed. I do not have HIV/AIDS, but I believe I do have a compromised immune system, so this makes me nervous. I’ve had what appears to be a fungal infection on my skin (bends of arms, chest, neck, etc) since about 2007. Do you know of anyone else who has had this particular issue and saw it go away with diet and supplements? I’m religiously on the diet and take a probiotic every day. When I took two a day for two days, I had a horrible migraine die-off reaction. I tried taking Caprylic Acid (also 2 a day for 2 days) and experienced the same thing. Most recently, I added virgin coconut oil to my food (two tablespoons a day for two days) and couldn’t walk for a couple of days because it set off my tendinitis (caused by Cipro, which also exploded my Candida infestation in July). Could you please tell me your thoughts on my situation?

As Able told you, systemic candidiasis is another totally different thing. You don’t have systemic candidiasis. This is a wrong used term and the cause most MDs ignore people.

You have mucosal candidiasis, an overgrowth on mucosal areas such as intestines.

As a matter of fact, people with mucosal candidiasis have an immune system overreactive in a Th2 mode, antibody production. Contrary to mucosal candidiasis where your defense is a Th1 cell-mediated immunity, Th2 plays a bigger role when candida cells get the bloodstream alive.

In a few words, your mucosal overgrowth is indirectly defending you of a possible systemic case.

So, take it easy.!