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survivor619;30350 wrote: I also forget to mention something that bothers me: i have read on here that after the strict diet for god knows how long and you finally start to feel better, then cheat once and the damn candida comes back? so basically you can never enjoy eating food you like again? lets assume that I somehow beat this illness and i eat a slice of bread one day because i am really hungry and thats all that is available… full blown illnness comes back. that is not a cure! and it doesnt make sense. if candida is beaten and somebody has one wrong food and it comes back, then it isnt really cured is it? if all it took was one cheat to bring it back then this isnt a very good treatment plan. i am surrounded by people who eat sweets and breads every day and they are healthy while i sacrifce everythingn i love and spend thousands of dollars and. they still donnt get better. if this illness was beaten truely it shouldnt be able to just come back with one wrong food choice. in william crook’s book the yeast connection he says that you can have fruits in moderation and whole grains in moderation. but on this website, it seems that you believe everybody needs to starve to get better. its way too unrealistic to expect someone to live this way, can’t go out for a bite to eat with friennds, cant have a sociable drink, can’t even have some fresh fruit which i was raised to believe are good for you. if that is how we are supposed to live, then we would all be better off dead. this is very sad

Hello man,
I really understand all you have written. I understand your view and your logic that is almost the same position I have had during my 4 years battling it.
I will try to help you to understand a little bit better what is behind all this.

Candida Related Complex is a syndrome caused by an immunologic fail. Some people, probably you, me, and all who is battling it, reach a point in life where Candida Albicans or another species is able to cause an immune paralysis against it. It means the presence ( in low or moderate quantities ) of the yeast in our body for enough time has been enough to cause an immune tolerance to it. This IS the cause of this syndrome and nothing else. The MAIN mechanism to control the yeast growing in our tissues is immunologic. Yeast are also controlled by the antagonistic friendly bacterial flora in the intestines and the vagina as a second defense mechanism.
It takes years of a silent yeast growing or presence in your body to neutralize the immune response that contains it. The first thing that occurs is an immune paralysis. Then, there are triggers that favor yeast colonization such as antibiotics, etc.

According to the man who discovered this syndrome and spent 30 years researching it, it is possible to restore our native “normal” immunity to the yeast reducing the yeast growth in our tissues for enough time that allows an immune restoration. In other words, we need to invert the process. It took time to surrender the immune system, then, it will take time to reactivates it again with the adequate support.
There are two important things considering the right treatment. First, driving the yeast out of the tissues as much as possible and stimulating the immune system to attack it.

Web protocols aren’t based on it, neither considering both parts of it.

You can manage to reduce the fungal growth lower than what your healthy co-workers have, but your immune system is still paralyzed, and you will get yeast colonization again.

This is what happens when you release the diet and your immune system isn’t reactivated yet.

This is what happen with the anticandida diet, and what has happened to many after years of battling it with antifungals and diet.

Some, very few, as the same Dr. Truss documented, are lucky to re-activate the immune system with an antifungal therapy and a diet. Most people need immune stimulation with antigenic shots and other protocols that address immune offenders such as heavy metals, specially mercury.

So, now you know where the problem is. When the immune system is working, people cure yeast infections with a Fluconazole tablet only. When the immune system is working, people eat cake, ice cream, pizza, bread, and what they want, and candida DON’T growth. When the immune system is working, people take long term antibiotics, and they don’t get intestinal yeast overgrowth in spite of a temporary reduction of the friendly flora.

THIS IS AN IMMUNOLOGIC PROBLEM…. you have to focus yourself in to get and do what is necessary to recover the immunity to candida in order to recover your former health. If not, what you are going to achieve is managing !!!!!!