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I was able to get my period back when I started eating more carbs (and when I got my temperature “up” to 35 celcius), so I definetely see a link with the diet. But I know that in my case the hypothyroidism already complicates things a lot. I just think that doing such a restricted diet for someone like me was a really bad idea. I guess I had to experience it to learn from it.

I am only now learning to not take anything for granted. Trying to learn more about the different nutrients but also experimenting a bit how the body responds.

However, I have for long now suspected that high estrogen levels might be the problem for me. I realise that these hormonal issues are complex but are there some foods that I could favour over others to try and lower estrogen (and raise progesterone)? I have tried to find answers reading Ray Peat but so far I’ve only come across him writing about progesterone supplementation (not an option at the moment). I’m guessing omega 3’s would be important in terms of lowering inflammation. Any ideas, Javizy?