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PrahaNicole wrote: Has anyone else noticed any changes in their mentrual cycles as a result of this diet? I just started this diet & my periods have been more painful than usual!

The majority of the women who have been on the forum in the past have talked about this happening.
Irregular menstrual cycles, menstrual cycles stopping, or unusual menstrual pain are normal for women with a Candida overgrowth. Usually this is about a hormonal imbalance caused by the production a false form of estrogen when a Candida overgrowth is present. You can imagine what a false hormone in the body might do to various bodily functions.

Specific hormone activities and symptoms of imbalance can take time to become normal again. By the way, almost everyone with a Candida infestation at one time or another will experience a low functioning immune system; and a weak immune system can also throw your hormonal balance off.