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I’ll be sticking with a slightly different recipe… as eggs are allowed on the candida diet but almond/ soy milk isn’t… and I’m not sure mustard powder is.

It’s very simple… put 2 organic egg yolks, 1 dessert spoon apple cider vinegar and a little salt in a glass bowl and whisk. Then very gradually add 8oz oil (oil, sunflower, any oil will do and you can mix oils… but it can be very strong if you use all extra virgin olive oil). Start 1 drop at a time, whisking like mad and as it emulsifies you can add it faster gradually. Season to taste at the end.

Add roasted or raw garlic at the eggs stage if you fancu aoili.


(By the way, Able warned about not using raw eggs but I checked with him and as it’s mixed with apple cider vinegar it’s fine)