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raster wrote: EZ, I am wondering if you have tried to heal leaky gut? That should be the cause of almost all allergies related to candida.

I also experienced a huge increase in allergy symptoms on the diet. Before the diet I ate wheat pasta and tomato sauce regularly, regular high sugar yogurt, milk, fruits, etc. I wasn’t allergic to most of those except the wheat pasta. After starting the diet, I was allergic to all of those and its because of leaky gut.

During the diet I was horribly allergic to (fresh) almond butter for instance as well as green apples. As my leaky gut healed over time, I am not allergic to either of these food items.

Instead of being violently allergic to wheat, I can tolerate it in small amounts, and same with corn. I just cheat during holidays and birthdays.

However, my allergies have not gone away completely, and I have a feeling this will take time.

What kinds of supplements are you taking to heal leaky gut? What is your diet like?

If you continue to feed the candida, your leaky gut will never heal.


Raster, how where you able to read your sympthoms? Not being able to do that I caved in and broke down after 2 and a half month. It never got better with me but worse. Reading the post in the forum I got the feeling that people have die-off and it goes away but doesn’t turn worse and worse. I had a handful symptoms which turned around and around. New ones came as a addition to it. Like Panic-attacks which I never had. In the entire time of diet I never could figure out if I was feeding the fungus, if the fungus was dying and I felt terrible, or if I simply was allergic or sensitive to eggs, some vegetables, or other stuff. Then I wondered if not a lot of toxins too where released from my old fat. I lost over 30 kg of old fat which fore sure was loaded with toxins. Or was my body healing and releasing toxins from the liver, kidney? What broke me was that I felt whatever I do I am not getting better but worse. I heard to that one de-sensitises and through that one turns to be MORE sensitive to foods. I don’t know what happened but this sickness beat the crap out of me.

Before I dare to go into battle I have to learn to read sympthoms.