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Howdy folks,

I thought I’d give an update about my progress. I had a great wedding and honeymoon, everything went nearly perfect for both of these events!

I went completely off the diet for about 10 days and ate just about every poison imaginable. I ate things such as pizza, french toast, fruit, wedding cake, ice cream, hamburgers, airline food, and the list goes on and on…

I did have an allergic reaction to the airline food; it was heavily processed and was made poorly…I was starving and didn’t prepare myself with food for a 6 hour flight. I had some sesame chicken with white rice and the cookie of death! For about 30 minutes I felt pretty bad and had that “leaky gut burn” symptom I’ve talked about before over and over.

I haven’t had cheese for about 1 year, and I didn’t have any reaction to it whatsoever.

My digestion got pretty poor and my stools came out very colorful; instead of the typical brown/green color I typically get, I noticed yellow, orange, green, and a big change from what is normal for me. I noticed that I did not feel any worse than I normally feel while on the candida diet and in general I would say I am 95-99% healed.

I am going back to my old diet despite the success; the thing I was looking forward to most on the trip is eating “healthy” again and eating all organic. Luckily for us, we had a natural foods store across the street from our condo in Maui and they had some great products that didn’t contain many “bad” ingredients.

I think in the end when you digestion improves and you heal leaky gut, you need to find a balance with your diet between good and bad…staying away from processed foods with white sugar and white flour. I plan on cheating a little more than in the past but not everyday or anything close to what I experience on our trip. It was the trip of a lifetime and I am happy I didn’t put any limitations on our diet because it was all about “living it up” for the first time in a year.

I didn’t take any supplements or vitamins throughout the last 10 days.