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Able900 wrote:

Current oral pharmaceutical probiotics don’t colonize the gut permanently.

Research study title:

Biological Sciences Department
College of Science and Mathematics
California Polytechnic State University
(Page VII)

Quote: “The ecological balance of the intestine can be favorably altered upon the ingestion of probiotics. Probiotics are micro-organisms that exert health benefits beyond innate general nutrition. The qualifying characteristics defining a probiotic includes: resistance to acid and bile, ability to attach to human intestinal mucosal cells, capability of colonization of the human intestinal tract, ability to produce antimicrobial substances, ability to demonstrate probiotic activity and to survive modern manufacturing processes, must be of human origin (O’Sullivan et al., 2001). Their role in the prevention and treatment of different gastrointestinal disorders continues to be supported by ongoing research.”

Jorge, you never mention probiotics in your essays other than to state that they can’t colonize. Does this mean that you don’t believe probiotics or kefir have a place in a Candida treatment?


No a significant place in my opinion. I have my reasons to believe it, Able.
You have read my points. 1- Current pharmaceutical probiotics are Lactos and Bifidos strains which aren’t dominant species in the human gut. Lactobacillus are mostly found in low amount in the small bowel which is mostly sterile.
2-,There isn’t prove of permanent colonization of pharmaceutical grade probiotics.
3- During the 70s and 80s, there was an spike about CRC research and treatments. There are testimonies in the medical books of many cured cases without to mention probiotic intake.
4- In my own case, it was proved by 3 CDSA my levels of Bifidos, Lactos, and E. Coli are in the normal range, still I had a severe intestinal fungal overgrowth.
5- Oral probiotic intake can not modulate the MAIN composition of the human flora.
6- I have done HPI and fecal transplants, methods which are demonstrated effective modulation of the human flora, still my candida overgrowth could no be removed by antagonism.
7- There are 3 different gut flora patterns totally identified by science. The 3 different groups show no difference regarding to health status.

I am almost convinced this is a localized infection that needs to be eradicated. The rest will return to normal. Still, I am not negating that probiotics can offer different health benefits during the time you be taking them. It means, to get these benefits you need to keep continued supplementation.