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Hello everyone,

I am almost at the 2 year mark! Wow! I am still getting better and going strong, I am mostly in equalization mode just trying to maintain or improve as much as I can.

I went on a recent trip for one whole week in central california and cheated it up mega time. I took some good probiotics with me though and this really helped my digestion (garden of life 100 billion probiotics). Their probiotics contain different enzymes and they certainly work in my opinion. After the trip I had no new or exasperated candida symptoms.

I then did a month of megaflora and now I am back on to HMF neuro again. I think I feel slightly crappy when I am on the megaflora for some reason (likely because it kills the candida more). Now that I am back on the HMF neuro…wow, its like night and day. I feel so amazing right now, its not even silly. HMF is in my opinion, the best probiotic on the market and even though it has a low billion count, you sure feel good when you take it.

After the trip I cheated a week or two later, and then a week or two later after that. I felt sorta “crappy” and run down but still was going strong.

I then started to experience major heart symptoms (angina) and did some research and my calcium levels were very high. I found some articles on the internet about how males shouldn’t take calcium because it can lead to heart problems, and so I stopped immediately. Ever since, my heart has improved tremendously and now I basically don’t get any angina. I think I wasn’t that far from being placed in a coffin not too long ago it was so bad and am glad I found the cause of the problem. So lesson learned, don’t take any calcium folks if you are male!

Other than that, I have been doing more activities because I feel good. This leads to being burnt out easily on the weekends. I can do more than before, but I shouldn’t do too much. If I do yardwork, clean the house, wash car, work on car, and hangout with friend…this is too much to do in a day and the next day I feel very drained. I just gotta be careful to not overdo it.

I am also very much eating a stage 3 diet with lots of fruit, some corn and starches, and cheating sometimes on the weekends. I also reached a milestone this week, I now have 3 BM’s a day! This is so exciting, it means my digestion is way better. I noticed my stomach no longer looks so bloated. My body doesn’t pass on the signal to me that I gotta go until I am constipated so I just have to be more aware of my body.