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raster;43297 wrote: Hello everyone,

I recently went on a trip to the dry desert of California and into the sierra mountains and I felt great the whole time. I really went off the diet in a major way and didn’t eat anything close to a candida diet. The last time I did this was last year when I got married.

I ate a bunch of complete filth food that I shouldn’t even talk about but it was great because I had basically no reactions. I was very careful to not consume very much pure white sugar though because this is the main thing I react to now only.

I had some of the following foods:
-Hamburger (wheat bun and all condiments)
-1/4 of a vanilla milkshake (it was good but the sugar made me feel cracked out and so I didn’t want any more)
-BBQ ribs (had a slight reaction to this actually)
-Corn in various forms
-Pizza once (it was an awesome experience, I used to eat it everyday and its my favorite food…been over a year since I had pizza)
-Crappy spaghetti
-Wheat rolls and breads
-Fruit (a wide variety)
-Probably had three salads the whole trip
-Tacos (with cheese)
I can list a bunch of other junk…

Mild constipation as well! Certain things constipated me more than others. It was ridiculous to go off the diet so bad, but we were in very remote places so you worked with what was there.

So I feel that I am “cured” in the fact that the candida didn’t come raging back and that I don’t feel like crap after the trip. I have not experienced any negative changes in how I feel day to day from this cheat event.

However, I got back and felt bad within 30 minutes of being here in my house. The weather in portland is pretty bad today (rain vs. sun in LA), but we really need the rain bad because its been drought like conditions. We turned on the heat and I think this kicked up a bunch of mold and dust from the basement which definitely has a documented mold and moisture problem.

I think this house really contributes to me feeling bad because of the mold that is in here and this is very concerning. The mold in my last apartment definitely helped get contribute to my candida overgrowth. Luckily this is our last year here because the house is going to be put on the market (my great aunt owns it and needs the money…we get cheap rent). I think living in Oregon and the downfalls of having lots of moisture is something I should look into further in a serious matter for my long term health. I don’t think all of you understand whats its like to live here…it rains a large percentage of the time throughout the year when compared to other places.

I took all my supplements throughout the trip except homeopathics; I somehow lost my probiotics half way through the trip which really sucked. I did have a little bit of greek yogurt everyday but I don’t think this is the same as taking a high strength probiotic.

I look forward to being back on the forum but I might spend less time on here than in the past. I just feel really great (or I did) and I want to use my time for some other endeavors.


Firstly, thank you for this blog. Really useful to see your progression Raster and glad your reactions are less. I had to laugh though when you said at the end, “I feel really great (or I did)” And based upon all the queries we get I’m sure most would like to see that eating our favorites, ie pizza on special occassions, is possible for many candida sufferers once the candida overgrowth/gut issues are taken care of.

Anyways, regarding mold do you run HEPA filters in the rooms in your house? I have a true hepa filter and it really helps out.

And for the heck of it, since you offered, what else did you eat?

All the best buddy and happy belated 30th.