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Hello and congratulations on reaching the 8 week point.

You asked how do you know when you are completely better again, I hate to tell people this, but you don’t. Anytime you go off the diet or change it, you’re gambling and taking a chance that the Candida in your system won’t increase again. There are simply many more Candida sufferers who stop the diet too early only to have a relapse than those who do not. This is always because there was still enough of the infestation left in the intestines to cause a Candida growth spurt under the right circumstances, the circumstances being a more Candida friendly environment brought on by a change of diet. Don’t misunderstand me, I’m not saying that everyone with Candida will always have to remain on the diet; I’m only saying that I believe it takes a lot longer to be completely rid of the infestation than most people realize.

I have to say, although I’m glad for you because you’re feeling better and have so much energy, I’m surprised that you feel like you’ve destroyed 90% of your infestation. The reason I say this is because of your particular diet, but more so because of the type of probiotic you’re taking.

So-called Lactobacillus sporogenes are spore-forming bacterium and are not recognized or categorized as a species of Lactobacillus, in other words, the Lactobacillus genus contains no such species as sporogenes. Genuine Lactobacillus is a bacterium which produces lactic acid. These acids are capable of controlling the growth of yeasts which in turn prevents Candida from becoming an aggressive fungus. The reason they’re able to do this is because they’re cultured in milk. On the other hand, sporogenes are derived from soil, which is why they’re referred to as a ‘vegan probiotic” as well as why refrigeration is not normally required for them. Short term use of sporogenes may seem practical to some people, but frankly I wouldn’t want to use it long term — or short term for that matter.

You’ve asked for advice, but all I can do is to tell you exactly what I would do if I were in your position.

I would limit all dairy products to organic Greek yogurt only. I would also remove all forms of rice other than rice bran. Rice bran is food for the beneficial flora in your system which, as I explained, are needed to destroy the infestation.

If you’re drinking coffee with caffeine, this is an additional drain on your adrenal glands (immune system) which are already overworked because of the Candida infestation.

I would find a good probiotic with a high count of bacteria (billions) and more than a few different strains (10 to 14 at least–or more).

As far as cigarettes are concerned, research has shown that cigarette smoke has the ability to enhance the secretion of certain Candida enzymes which promotes oral yeast growth.