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Week 12/13 update:

Diet has done very well for me. I have stuck to it and only bad things I’ve had include one plum, a small slice of watermelon, a little butter, and a little lemon in my coconut bread in last 2 months. Leaky gut is pretty much 99% healed as far as I can tell. No more (bad) reactions to vinegar or sugars. Very slight head change now.

Cutted the coffee and its done wonders. It really drains your adrenal glands and can really spur the growth of candida. I am quitting coffee for as long as it takes to get better. Probably almost as bad as the cigarrettes. I had one cup last week to see what it was like again, it was a bad idea. Really drained me and wasn’t worth it. Set me back maybe 3 days of recovery (one 12 oz cup).

I am quitting the herb this week for one week to see how much of a difference it makes. I expect a slight change, but nothing too dramatic.

I am seriously thinking about quitting smoking cigarrettes in a month or so. My lungs are damaged from it and I want to live longer and healthier. It drains the calcium in my body which also causes baldness. Candida and smoking are very much related and I need more oxygen.

Going on a trip to LA in a few weeks; this will the time I test myself and my diet. I am going to have to eat some wheats and other foods I haven’t had for 4 months or so just because we will be travelling around and being busy. I hope the candida doesn’t grow back too bad. Will avoid sugar, cheeses, and salty food. I think I can handle it.