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Month 4 update:

I am happy to announce that I am pretty much symptom free right now. I am starting to feel real great and I have really progressed tremendously in the last month. I am going to continue the anti-candida diet for another few months at the least, I just feel real pure and good right now.

Recently, it seems like the rest of the “fog” lifted off me, and I can think a lot more clearly. I am waking up in the morning without fatigue, even on nights when I don’t sleep well.

I am getting serious about quitting my bad habits such as smoking, and the continued use of an anti-depressant I use to treat my chronic insomnia. Over the last year, I have improved signifantly…I once thought I was on the verge of dying, but now I just am looking forward to living life.

My quitting smoking plan has begun; I am now down to 6 per day. In a few weeks I will reduce this to 5 a day…eventually getting to the level of 3 per day. At this time, I will start to take anti-smoking supplements prescribed to me by my naturopath. When I do quit, I expect to do acupuncture every day for 2 weeks straight. This will be a tumulteous time for me, because I have smoked everday in the last 12 years. I may even do sauna to help remove the toxins from my body.

I am eating potatoes on the weekends starting this week. I can finally handle them without any negative consequences. I also recently added almond butter and rice cakes to my diet, which is great because I used to hyperventilate horribly to the fresh almond butter.

I took an adrenal fatigue test recently, and it showed that I don’t have it. It showed I was low, but not in the danger category for certain hormones. However, I have a depressed salivary SlgA , and a negative result for gliadin ab, SlgA (which indicates whether you have eaten rye, wheat, oats, etc). I believe the salivary SlgA indicates that I don’t chew my food enough; please view my chew your food post! I also had low DHEA levels, but still in the normal range of things. This probably explains why I have been feeling good recently…because this has finally normalized from a historic low level.

New supplements:

-Magnesium Chloride(made by my naturopath), its pluses:

1)very strong
2)It’ll help mineralize your calcium (so your body doesn’t use it to fight candida as much).
3)It helps normalize parasites
4)It removes uric acid deposits
5)It removes plaque from blood and cleans blood
6)It drains spinal fluid buildup (slowly)
7)Helps digestion.

-Fermented Cod Liver oil: acts similar to a probiotic
-Glutamine: helps with sugar sensivity
-Melange (homeopathic): Aids in the absorption and utilization of vitamins and minerals
-Silicea (homeopathic): Helps with nutrient deficiencies, and prevents de-mineralization.

Old supplements:

-HMF Neuro probiotic (12.5 billion count)
-Juniperus Communis (homeopathic remedy)
-Digestive liquid enzymes licquescence (homepathic remedy)
-Undeceonic acid (SF722) (kills candida)
-Drenamine (adrenal fatigue)
-Zincum metallicum (homepathic remedy) (helps restless leg syndrome)
-Pro-gest digestive enzymes
-Inulin (add it to food)
-Oil of oregano (antifungal)
-Grapefruit seed extract (antifungal)
-Vitamin D, magnesium, calcium vitamin

*Remember, these were just prescribed to treat my health problems, and are not meant for widespread consumption without the consultation of a doctor.