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Well I wanted to update my blog because it has been quite awhile. Basically I have improved in some ways but declined in other ways.

I started to heal my thyroid in conjunction with everything else I have done. I did an iodine test and I have failed it. I am making great progress though. I once had pretty bad thyroid symptoms a few months ago with cold hands, great susceptibility to the cold, feeling ill most of the time, etc. and now my immune system feels quite strong. I likely will have to heal my thyroid a few more months or longer with thytrophin and iodine. These symptoms have dissappeared mostly however occasionally I can feel my thyroid sore on my neck.

I’ve been a cigarrette smoker and pot smoker for the last 15 years. These addictions were quite important to me and I didn’t have the strength to quit them. Unfortunately it finally caught up to me and starting about 2 weeks ago, I started to hyperventilate and get anxiety after I smoke anything. It basically made me feel awful and so I reduced my smoking by 1/2 for 4 days. The 3rd and 4th day I could not sleep at all because the cigs just kept me so amped up. I called in sick to work and decided to quit because I felt completely awful. I then took off a few vacation days to ensure my success.

Now I am 8 days into quitting smoking (anything) and am doing quite well. I can’t believe I finally did it and haven’t cheated once. To replace smoking, I decided to eat a little bit more crap then normal with no setbacks.

I’ve also been going to the hot springs as much as possible, once every few months or so. Me and my wife feel really good afterwards, likely because we get close to pH neutral and it helps detoxify us.

I’ve incorporated a few things in my diet that I haven’t had much in the past including rice and beans and guacamole (with tomatoes). It gives me a little gas with no problems.

I have cut out cows yogurt and replaced with goats yogurt and I feel a ton better. I also cut the oat bran and replaced with cream of buckwheat and this also helps. When I consume either now I notice how bad I feel. I do not think these items are safe for the diet. I also cut out chicken sausage and replaced with regular chicken…the sausage is high in salt and I feel better without it.

I’ve also started to go on light walks and it helps my sleep quite a bit.

My goal for next year is to try to eat healthier and get pH neutral and start destroying the co-infections (microbes, viruses, etc).