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I realized today that eating all of these poisons has really set me back in a major way. I ate a lot of sugar, white flour, breads, and a ton of junk such as pizza!

I’ve been taking grapefruit seed extract the last few days and it causes immediate gas; this makes me think that I am killing candida and its releasing some toxins. It really hasn’t caused any noticeable problems the first 2 days, but today I felt pretty awful afterwards.

I also realized that my leaky gut slowly got worse over the last 3 days as well. Last night I reacted to my teff bread slightly and today I reacted to a green apple (which I haven’t reacted to for about 6 months). I’ve been eating a green apple daily and other fruits because I’ve been on the diet for 1 year.

Throughout my time off the diet, I had little reactions whatsoever to what I ate and I had no noticeable symptoms that the candida inside me was growing and reproducing. My theory is that the last few days I slowly killed some of it off, and this caused greater intestinal permeability, thus the leaky gut symptoms.

Today I also experienced general malaise (die-off?), farting after a dose of antifungals, mental woes, and a very strange “warm/heat” sweaty sensation after taking the antifungals.

I thought I was doing better than this…I hope I can heal quickly!

I also thought I became stronger going off of the diet, but in reality, I think the candida got stronger and its some kind of false/positive type of thing. I mean, I felt great before starting the candida diet again and eating trash…it’s so weird how this works and now I feel bad again eating healthy!