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Quote: “I was wondering what you’d suggest other than a probiotic and grape bitters for stage 2? At this point one should be pretty healed and almost (99%) completely over allergies and candida symptoms. I know you haven’t gone back to the old diet you once had, but what do you think works best and is most important during this stage?”

As long as you’ve been in stage one, providing you’ve been completely ‘in’ to it, it seems that you’d be ready for maintenance instead of stage 2. I suppose if you want to add other foods, I imagine such foods as brown rice and low-sugar-content fruit would be as good as any. I would also continue the coconut oil (or your substitute) if you don’t think you’re quite ready for maintenance.

I know people don’t want to hear this, Raster, but (and I’m basing this on both research and the history of patient reports, as well as my own experience) I honestly believe that one has to continue with a careful and healthy diet indefinitely. All of the reports and research I’ve found leads me to believe that once a person has experienced a full Candida infestation, they’re going to be walking a thin line for a long, long time between zero symptoms and the return of the Candida symptoms. Personally, I have no problems with a healthy diet, and I often wonder why so many people have such a big problem with remaining healthy. Maybe they just don’t believe that our diet contributes in such a huge way to our health.

But it’s not just the Candida that I’m speaking of, just as important is the immune system which suffers tremendously during the infestation, and it’s a matter of diet and lifestyle to keep it working at its optimum level, which of course is needed to prevent both Candida as well as just about every other disease we can name. Let’s face it, this isn’t the only illness that we can say all of the above about, most severe illnesses will, in some way, affect the patient for the rest of his life. This could very well be the case with a Candida albicans infestation.

With all of the above being said, I would like to believe that after a long period of time, former patients can add reasonable amounts of such foods as wheat and grain products and certain starches such as brown rice and whole wheat pasta, if they wish to do so; but I believe that sugar basically should be avoided indefinitely, especially if the person has a problem with becoming addicted to sugar once they start eating it again (this happens more times than we would imagine).

To be honest, I’m still experiencing with continuing just the Grape Bitters and probiotics along with eating kefir and yogurt since I’ve basically stopped the treatment a few months ago. I’m hoping these, along with my diet, will suffice in allowing me to remain perfectly healthy in all respects.

Quote: “and not promoting everything that I do.”

I noticed that, Raster, and I think it’s a wise decision. Excellent idea about stopping the ganja, cigarettes and sleeping medication as well.

Good luck to you in stepping up a stage.