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I’d like to report that I am feeling great and I am slowly going off the diet into uncharted territory for me.

I can handle just about any food as long as it is non-gmo and organic. Even the stuff that isn’t I am doing just fine. I haven’t touched processed foods at all; I know I would get a reaction to them.

I’ve basically stuck to my diet mentioned in month 7 or so but added fruit to it. I eat a green apple or pear everday with lunch, and sometimes a peach or slice of watermelon at night. I also worked in eating brown rice occasionally in the form of rice cakes and steamed rice.

I haven’t had any problems with any of my cheating except I become constipated when I cheat and I get a cough or other symptom such as headache (very minor when compared to before). I cheat about once every 2 weeks and eat something like a hamburger, chinese food, pizza, etc. I went to two weddings recently and ate all sorts of poisons such as a beef steak, vanilla desert thing (it was like pudding), corn, bread, wedding cake, etc. No reaction to all of it except the cured meat (didn’t know what it was and only had a bite of it). The sugar felt like a drug, like it was crack.

My main problems include not chewing my food enough, not getting enough sleep (waking up due to night time urination still), occasional depression, poor memory (due to sleep), and over exerting myself on the weekends. Other than that I feel great. I don’t have the nagging symptoms such as fatigue, brain fog, low energy, constipation, etc. at all anymore. I can function on days when I only get 3-4 hours of sleep now!

Well, I finally did it, I made my current and ridiculous supplement list:

-Magnesium Chloride(made by my naturopath, anti-parasite and cleans colon)
-Juniperus Communis (liver, kidneys, general health)
-Zincum metallicum (helps restless leg syndrome)
-Homeodel 10 (liver)
-Unda 1, 20, 243 (liver)
-Melange (minerals)
-Sulphur (energy in morning)
-Coffea (reduce energy at night)
-Nox Vomica (for when I cheat or feel bad)
-Silicea (minerals)
-2 others for restless syndrome (minerals)

-Undeceonic acid (SF722)
-Black Walnut extract
-Garlic capsules

-Fermented Cod Liver oil (anti-inflammatory and other properties) (contains natural ratios of vitamins A and D)
-Vitamin C (with bioflavanoids)
-Vitamin E
-Vitamin K


Standard Process vitamins (very expensive):
-Zypan (aids digestion)
-A-F betafood (gallbladder)
-Zymex II (anti-parasites and aids digestion)
-Drenamin (adrenal fatigue)
-Spanish black radish (hemorrhoids)
-Collinsonia Root (hemorrhoids)
-Cataplex E (circulation and skin)

Essential Fatty Acids:
E3AFA (anti-seizure stuff)
Super Neurogen (anti-seizure stuff)

Other stuff:
-Glutamine: helps with sugar sensitivity
-HMF Neuro probiotic (12.5 billion count)
-Pro-gest digestive enzymes (heals leaky gut and digests foods)
-Inulin (add it to food)
-PS-100 (Phosphatidylserine) (helps sleep and heals your inner-neuro membrane)

In the future I think I can give up the pro-gest, drenamin, spanish black radish, collinsonia root, and possibly PS-100. This will reduce my monthly expenses by $100 or so and these have the smallest impact on my health.