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I would like to update that I am feeling pretty good in general with good and bad days spread throughout the week. I am largely symptom free now and long over the flare up which only lasted 3-5 days or so.

My digestion has improved as well and I reduced my bloating which has been more of a problem than in the past. A great supplement I take to reduce bloating is a homeopathic I take called juniperus communis.

I was so bloated after cheating that my abdominal area became sore (as well my hips) and I believe there was too much pressure on my other organs. This has never happened before.

I started to take magnesium chloride in the afternoon with great results; my colon becomes completely empty after taking it in the afternoon when compared to taking it in the morning. I am unsure why this happens but its a great feeling let me tell you.

I quit eating eggs for breakfast because of their antigenic properties and am looking to reduce the amount I use in my breads somehow. On the weekends I eat rutabega, apples, and rice cakes and these are my cheat items (less consumption than before).

I also talked to my naturopath at length about his treatment plan and things I have learned on the forum. He said he is one of the few naturopaths who does not prescribe nystatin, diflucan, etc. because he feels they have detrimental qualities. Additionally, he feels enemas are effective but only for a short period of time. If you want to clean the candida in your colon there are other ways to do this, and this should be the last place to kill candida because it primarily lives in your small and large intestine. Additionally, he stated that the candida allergy shots contain heavy metals and a bunch of junk that you do not want in your body (they never tell you the ingredients to pharmaceuticals). Taking any of the above does not heal you holistically and does not cure the problem in his opinion.

I also talked to him about what I will be doing shortly in the future. He has a great plan that sounds quite promising:

stage 1: heal leaky gut, reduce inflammation, and get the infestation under control (I completed this so far, took about a year)

stage 2: destroy candida polysaccharides which is a wall that protects candida (sounds similar to biofilms). This involves using a special protocol he says very few know about (forgot the name). Additionally, at the same time you begin a pH balancing regiment that alkalizes the body from acidic to neutral. He stated that its not good to be too acidic or alkaline but in the middle.

stage 3: begin chelation protocol that removes heavy metals from body. This can only begin after the bodies(or maybe specific organs?) pH is neutral. Before starting this you need to mineralize the body and continue this throughout the treatment. This protocol involves the use of chlorella which removes both good and bad metals from the body.

stage 4: begin healing the colon and am unsure what this involves. This should be the last place candida lives at this point. Does not involve enemas.

This sounds really promising to me and he says he has spent years learning about candida and how to get the body back to a normal healthy state. He has been studying up on the latest information about it and he seems to really know his stuff. I would be happy to forward you guys his contact information if you so desired.

I am going to stay on this diet indefinitely.