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Maiscout;59368 wrote: Glad to hear you’re doing so well Raster. Its a massive motivation for people just starting out like me 🙂

(If you don’t mind) I just wanted to ask who you ND is since I’m going to be moving to Portland early next year.

Also, did you wife have to do the diet/treatment alongside you? Some people have told me I can pass this to my boyfriend, and others say its impossible as long as he’s healthy!

I am going to start taking the SF722 next week. I know its hard for candida to be resistant to this, but does it need to be rotated at all? Am planning to do take this and oil of oregano.

Sorry for asking loads of questions on your thread!

Hello Maiscout,

SF722 does not need to be rotated and it can be safely taken long term. Start out with one capsule per day and slowly increase to 3 per day and then work you way up to larger doses slowly over time (such as 15 capsules per day, split across 3 meals).

Send a message to anna and she can forward it to me and I can pass along the information. He costs like $180/hr and can treat people remotely too.

I do think me and my wife can pass it on to eachother possibly, and I likely gave her different strains she didn’t have earlier. I am doing a lot better than her and its because I take way more supplements and diet is more strict. She is hardly doing the diet and still is doing just fine eating pretty healthy. She drinks beer way more than I do, I haven’t had it for like 4 years. I think if we still do pass it to eachother it doesn’t really do anything since we already have it at this point.

My wife also had a horrible toxic mold problem at one and this likely was the main thing that caused it to bloom initially. The walls in her apartment were caked black with mold and it was completely disgusting.