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I’ve had a variety of ups and downs due to cheating but I get over quite quickly, usually within 2 days. For instance, I recently ate pepperoni pizza as a special treat and I couldn’t poop for one whole day afterwards! Then the next day I pooped way more than normal. I felt kinda crappy for about 2 days and then I did acupuncture, and I feel great!

I’m starting to fall off the bandwagon in terms of diet and being strict. I eat chinese food occasionally, hamburgers and fries, hashbrowns and sausage, coconut water, homemade salsa, etc. I’d say out of all of these, chinsese food and american breakfast are likely the healthiest.

For super bowl, I ate a lot of corn chips and salsa lol and was eyeballing the cookies, couldn’t do it!

I also consume coffee once a week or so, and now I eat brown or wild rice 3 times per week or so. I started to consume salmon and I really like it, never was into seafood my whole life. I eat it once per week.

I started on some new homeopathics that destroy microbes and yeast. One is called tartarex which destroys microbes. The other is pleo X which destroys yeast. We’ll see how it goes but pleo X seems quite strong.

I have 2 boxes of floraster in my fridge, and I’m going to try it out soon hopefully. I just have to be strict and stop my chamomile tea which wakes me up and all other antifungals. I might have to start drinking coffee when I take floraster as an alternative.

I’ve upped my iodine intake to 6 prolamine iodine’s per day and my immune system is getting really strong now. After addressing my thyroid health, I feel maybe 2-3x better.

I also survived to week 10/11/12 of quitting smoking, which is a milestone. Smoked 15 years or half my life. Its no longer a problem.