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I’d try a few things. The first is I would try out teff which gives you a ton of energy. I have a good recipe for teff bread in the recipes part of the forum. The second is I’d try coconut water or kefir; I’ve been on the diet for over a year and the coconut water seems to agree with my body more than a green apple; I’ll only have it once every few weeks or so, but its great for when I am active. Pumpkin and greek yogurt also give me a ton of energy.

Other tips I have include chewing your food more which will increase the surface area of the food you eat and it’ll allow greater absorption. Chew each bite over 30 times…it’ll improve your digestion as well. Digestive enzymes and swedish bitters also help you digest the food you eat better and will give you more energy from the same amount of foods.–Simple-tip-to-improve-your-health.aspx

I recently learned a bunch about trace minerals and this by itself can improve your health:

Theo Ratliff who once played for my blazers in the NBA and extended his career 10 whole years by adding in trace minerals. This could also be the cause of your candida and health problems. I’d research trace mineral drinks and maybe the one in the youtube video I link in the above post.

Hope this helps!