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Nystatin is preferred because it’s a true anti-fungal, it doesn’t affect bacteria in any known way.
All of the “Anti-Fungals” you mention are actually antimicrobials, they kill both fungus and bacteria.

I have used Oil of Oregano, SF722, Grapefruit Seed extract, Caprylic acid, etc. in the past. It’s worth noting that before I started these I didn’t have any known food sensitivities or my hypochlorhydria (Low stomach acid). I can’t say for sure how they affected me but I didn’t get better over many months.

I think if one were to use a “natural” antimicrobial it would be wise to only try one at a time to judge its effectiveness and safety. I think it might be worth killing some innocent flora if your species of candida if very susceptible to it. You will likely have die-off + some health increase over a period of time with a good anti-fungal.

It’s also important to note that just because Nystatin works great for one person doesn’t mean it works great for everybody. We all may have different Candida species (Albicans, Tropicalis, Glabrata, etc.) that are susceptible to different anti-fungals. We also have different levels of overgrowth.