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Danny33;58407 wrote: Paperstars,

These are great questions, and I believe you are correct in saying that fecal transplants don’t cure candida overgrowth. A Candida overgrowth makes it impossible to re-inoculate the intestines with diverse and robust flora. Once the yeast overgrowth is reduced or removed you can actually start recruiting new and persistent species of flora. Its certainly possible but won’t happen overnight.

Beyond a fecal transplant I think that we can find our missing flora in the soil (raw and fermented vegetables), from other people and animals (shaking hands, kissing, kissing your dog that digs, etc.). Remember babies are born with sterile intestines and by the age of 3 they will have recruited “adult flora”. Baby intestinal flora (1-2 years old) actually starts out with mostly “milk” probiotics (lactobacillus, bifidobacteria, etc. from breast milk). Most babies put everything in their mouths, get held by hundreds of people, get kissed by everybody, interact with other babies, etc. I think simply lifestyle offers a piece of the microbiota puzzle. It doesn’t take a large number of a specific bacteria to find a home in your intestines. You can research how fast bacteria grow, its amazing.

I would bet the cleanest people who live sanitized lives (bleach, hand sanitizer, etc.) will likely take the longest to replenish their flora. Most supplemental pro-biotics do not persist in the gut unfortunately. I do notice that Prescript-Assist and Probiotic-3 offer at least a few permanent species. There are probably others.


BTW, Acid reflux is usually a symptom of low stomach acid, not too much.
You may benefit from Betaine HCL, its cheap and safe to try.


Thanks so much for the detailed response! I think you are definitely on to something regarding lifestyles being apart of the microbiota puzzle since babies somehow manage to recruit adult flora, including ones who weren’t breastfed. I noticed that wtih drinking diary kefir alone it somehow rid me of lactose tolerance even after stopping the kefir and I wonder if similar events would happen for foods like sourdough for those with gluten intolerance. I assume that aside from missing gut flora that food intolerances are related to gut inflammation via leaky gut. Did you take anything to reduce the inflammation or think it is necessary for food intolerances? Ive taken omega 3 oil along with eating avocados daily and fish 2-3x a week and haven’t noticed any benefits and was thinking if it’s worthwhile to look into marshmallow root or slippery elm to help calm the gut. Food intolerance is one of my biggest problems.