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The candida diet is not right for everyone, you need to read up on diseases, the bodies immune system and your whole digestive process and then test your body to see what works for you. The diet may be pounding sand but in other cases adding or taking something away can cure you.

Your body needs certain enzymes to break down fats or carbs but without getting into it –

If you have Lyme, HIV or diabetes, allergies how is the diet going to cure you? It’s not, it will only suppress the yeast and in some cases it won’t even do that. Yeast can grow no matter what as your body can release glucose through the liver from protein, not even sugar needs to be present. Diabetes patients that have high glucose all the time are at risk of candida.

Reasons the diet might work is due to a bad diet over the years, antibiotics and even in some cases obesity. What if you have a digestion disorder? I think most people have underlying issues which are suppressing the immune system.

I think if what people are saying is true then once candida has sunk into our tissues/organs/skin/brain it would be impossible to get rid off.