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Really sorry to break it to you but you spent a year doing the wrong thing.
You may well have to be on it the rest of your life as you say if its not done correctly.

First most of us are following a stricter forum diet you can request from Able not the website diet, this is tiered but will last 12 to 18 months and includes reintroducing some foods midway through.

Second a diet alone will not cure your candida! I’ve heard this said again and again. You need to follow a protocol with powerful probiotics, anti-fungals and supplements. Some of us are also exploring options such as boulardii not in the forum protocol.

Third some of the foods you mention are in a grey zone where there cons outweigh there benefits.

Ultimately there are several reasons why they fall into this category:
1. they are hard to digest and give your body a hard time [beef, beans and pulses for example]
2. There is a high chance they contain mold. [nuts, coffee, mushroom etc.]
3. They drain your adrenals or retard the bodies ability to heal faster [coffee for example.]
4. They are allergens or imitate allergens as a result of leaky gut from the candida.
5. They are poisonous and can’t be dealt with by a health compromised body [pork contains neurotoxins i believe? Also some varieties of fish are very high in metals such as mercury].

This isn’t to say there’s no leeway, i do know for example, that Raster has been moderately having blueberries during his diet with little in the way of problems.

Also chicken and fish are included in the diet, twice a week for protein needs. But to much animal meat creates ammonia which candida thrives on. So again you can have it but in moderation.

Yoghurt is allowed but only those with low sugar and probiotic properties.

All in all the official forum diet is an elimination diet, you start out with a basic base then test foods to see how your body reacts to them.

Anyway you need to realize the diet is not the be all and end all, your recovery also depends on good supplementation and a proven protocol.

Good luck.