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I started eating coconut bread on day 15 of the diet… 15 days after starting the cleanse. I noticed about 5 days later that my malabsorption symtpoms returned, even though I was using the swedish bitters after every single meal. So, today I finally put 2 and 2 together and realized that I am not ready for the coconut bread, which really sucks…

but what can I do?

You can stop eating the bread altogether for about a week or longer depending on your symptoms.

1. Is this most likely from the coconut bread and is this a common side effect during the diet?

It doesn’t matter whether a symptom or side effect is common or not, if you have one you need to find the cause of it and remove the cause from your diet.

2. Should I try to take the swedish bitters before and after I eat the bread?

How many pieces at one time and do you eat it with any other food or by itself?

3. Am I just perhaps eating too much of it? I am going through the large batch recipe with 9 eggs every 2 to 3 days. Maybe try to reintroduce it in the next couple of weeks or so?

Yes that’s too much, especially since you haven’t been eating it very long. Like Raster, I had one large loaf every week or so, a little more a bit later in the treatment.

4. Is this usually the easiest grain for candida sufferers to adjust to?

Coconut is not even a grain, and that’s why it causes so few problems. Your problem probably has nothing to do specifically with the bread as much as it does the malabsorption problem. The symptoms of malabsorption can come and go at random, right now it’s here and you’ll just have to be more careful about what you’re eating and especially about what new foods you add.

Is it okay for me to try a different grain, such as quinoa, in moderation on day 30 of the diet?

If coconut flour, not being a grain, presents a problem, there’s a good chance that any similar product will as well, especially if it’s a grain product like quinoa.

5. I did just recently start a probiotic and am also using homemade kefir daily. Could that have something to do with it?

Anything is possible with a Candida overgrowth. How many days were between starting the probiotic, kefir, and coconut bread?

6. My bloating and gas, along with the malabsorption is all related to the candida, I know. And come to think of it, it got a little worse when I started eating the coconut bread. So, my plan of action is to stop eating the bread, start quinoa as the next grain ( very slowly), then start the coconut bread and only eat, maybe like, one serving with each meal. Does that sound good?

Unlike coconut flour, quinoa IS a grain and will feed the Candida, but it’s your choice, not ours.
On the other hand, buckwheat is NOT a grain but rather a seed from which buckwheat flour is made. So if you feel you absolutely have to try something else, I think I would try a tiny amount of buckwheat as a cereal. I’m talking about a very, very tiny bit the first time because it’s probably going to cause digestion problems and who knows what else considering the problems you’re having with the coconut flour bread. If you’re still experiencing the malabsorption symptoms when you try the buckwheat, odds are they’ll just continue.

I know you don’t like what I’m saying, but I also know you’d rather hear the truth than a lie concerning foods with potential problems.