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Answers to Raster’s questions.

The malabsorption sx are ( I didn’t want to get graphic, but I guess I will for the sake of my health)… well just when I use the bathroom with a bowel movement, it comes out just fine but it kind of falls apart when it hits the water in the toilet. Not quite a diarrhea, but it isn’t as formed as when I started the diet. It certainly isn’t formed. It just doesn’t look right. I am assuming that it is from the candida… I hope it is so that it will go away at the end of this diet. I have had these sx for at least a year now, but was just taking digestive enzymes for it, and it helped. At the beginning of this diet, the swedish bitters helped. Then, I started having malabsorption again.

I cannot wait until my sx “normalize”.

When I do start eating the coconut bread again, I will definitly eat a lot less of it and make sure to eat it with other food.

I will hold off on starting anything new until the sx are gone. And I think I will just re-start the coconut bread slowly, then eventually just start the buckwheat after that.

Thank You for the suggestion on the zypan… I will try it as last resort though bc I do not want to take anything after this diet. I am hoping that the sx will just go away.

Answers to Able’s questions.

I just want to let you know, this is exactly what I want to hear; THE TRUTH. Of course… I have a nursing background from college and am now going into natural medicine and bioenergetics bc it ACTUALLY WORKS. Can’t believe I was EVER in conventional medicine. Live and learn. Point being, What you just told me didn’t phase me at all. Of course I welcome your answers when they are direct and factual. I’ve had to tell people much worse things than how to eat there coconut bread… don’t be so hard on yourself. What I mean is… thank you for all of your help. It is very much appreciated. Thank You for telling me what I need to know.

I’m sure you read above, that I am stopping all new foods until the sx go away, and then I will be adding in the coconut bread again just to see if that is actually it. I will eat much less of it, and with other foods always.

I will hold off on the quinoa and start the coconut bread and then the buckwheat after that as long as the malabsorption doesn’t return.

Okay, so I kept a journal… let me look up the dates I started stuff…

Okay, so note… today is day 37 for me since I started the cleanse.
On day 14 I stopped the cleanse and started the diet.
I day 14 I started taking the coconut oil tapering up as indicated on the forum protocols. I am up to a dose of 9 tsp a day and feel slighlty nauseous and dizzy after taking it, so that is all I am taking for right now.
On day 17 I made a note that my digestion was fine with the swedish bitters, but without the malabsorption was present.
On day 19 I started eating salmon, but only about twice a week.
On day 24 I started drinking homemade organic milk kefir. ( just thinking, I have a dairy intolerance. Not allergic, but intolerant. I have stopped the milk kefir about 4 days ago now. I recieved the water kefir in the mail and am going to start growing it today. I will start drinking that after my malabsorption sx are gone… to see it I can tolerate that water kefir or not)
Day 27- Started the SF722 Undecenoic Acid and started eating coconut bread.

* that day I felt dizzy, lightheaded, and spacey. Two days later I had vaginal itching. I wrote in the forum and we decided it was most likely from the SF722 and that I should stick with it and just use symptomatic relief. My vaginal itching has been gone now for at least 4 days.

Day 31- I started the probiotic in the morning.

Like I said, today is day 37. My malabsorption sx came on strong even with the swedish bitters around day 29 or so… I think. For some reason I didn’t write that down in my journal; go figure. I have been out and about and not taking the swedish bitters with every meal, and I thought that is what was contributing to the malabsorption. BUT for the last 3 to 4 days I have been taking it religiously with every meal.

PHshew!!! Okay… I know that is prob too much information. But I’m not really sure. There’s a lot of things they don’t teach in nursing school ( a LOT!!!!), and how common candida infections are is one of them. Lovely system, isn’t it? JJ, That’s why I’m going into preventative and natural medicine instead.

Again, thank You so much for your patience and all of your help. Sending you light and love, Naturegirl27