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What are your malabsorption symptoms? I haven’t heard of these before…

In general you feel pretty “wonky” on the diet, where you have good and bad weeks/days/minutes/hours and the symptoms constantly change throughout the first few months. After about 3-4 months things “normalize” and its the same symptoms but much more dull.

3) I think you are eating too much of it; I personally eat about 1 loaf per week (double batch recipe). Also, are you making able’s recipe?

4)Coconut bread is not a grain, so I am unsure what to say about it. If you want to eat grains, I would try out buckwheat first. For me, I quickly got allergic to quinoa after eating it 4 days straight (for dinner), so if you ate it something like 1-2x per week, you likely won’t become allergic to it. I also think buckwheat tastes better. You can try foods out whenever you want at this point, just try them out one at a time.

5)Weird symptoms can occur after taking a probiotic and kefir because your body needs to adjust to the change.

6)I eat one serving per meal and this sounds like a better idea. Gas is something you can/could have long term unless you address that seperately. A great supplement I take that completely eliminates gas is called zypan (I believe it has lactose as an ingredient but it shouldn’t set you back). If you have gas after protein, than this will do the trick…