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Thanks! I’m just a little bit behind you – 33 weeks today 🙂

The only thing I’d say is, it really would be good if you could truly cut all the sugar out. Baby has absolutely no need for it, and any kind of sweetener (honey, agave, molasses, sugar, fruit juice, etc.) is only going to make this whole candida mess drag on and on. Same thing with the simple carbohydrates (white breads, white pasta, white potatos) baby doesn’t need those, either. Whole grain choices are *much* better for your little one and are much better for fighting candida, too, so it’s a win/win.

I seriously haven’t had sweetener of any kind since late March. Actually, I did *accidentally* have evaporated cane juice in a nut butter, but that was a dumb mistake – not on purpose 😉 It can be done! My OB literally told me 3x at my appointment yesterday how great/healthy I looked. He really thinks the candida diet has been awesome for both me and the baby. This is definitely my first pregnancy that has been sugar/chocolate/white flour free! lol. I feel great, too. And I’m expecting to continue to see the benefits of a healthy diet as I move into the postpartum/nursing stage, too. I should say, I’m sure you’re eating well – I don’t mean to make it sounds like you’re gorging on donuts and Wonder bread, lol. But, seriously, I really think getting ALL of the sugar out of my diet/system has been an amazing plus for me.

So good to hear from you again! Thanks for replying 🙂