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Hope wrote: Hello 🙂 Congratulations! That’s wonderful that you’re expecting. I will be 28 weeks tomorrow 🙂

I’ve had a number of antibiotics for UTIs with this pregnancy, too, and they can really mess with your system – definitely bringing on an imbalance of too much yeast. I have a few questions for you, I think, before I can really try to give you any answers, though. How severe is your yeast infection? Mildly burning/itching or more along the lines of painful with significant discharge? Also, have you changed your eating habits at all since making the connection with candida? Do you have any other pregnancy issues that need mentioning? I know you mentioned the recurrent UTIs, but is there anything else?

I really think any fatigue that you have felt is probably a sign of low level die off. Severe die off is much more pronounced. So, I would encourage you to not worry about the baby. There are plenty of OBs that give their patients prescription antifungals (Category C drugs) that would cause much more die off much more suddenly than anything you’ve been doing so far. I really think your baby is fine 🙂 But, we can talk more about where to go from here if you’ll give me just a teensy bit more info by answering the questions I asked above.

I’m glad you found these boards, and I’m glad I logged on today (pregnant and with candida) to hopefully encourage you 🙂

Thank you so much for your reply! I feel like I’m not alone! What you said about the baby makes a lot of sense…put my mind at ease, thank you. To answer your questions, the yeast infection is severe with itching and swelling all over, and even a non-blister sore in one location. Have no idea about the discharge since I’ve been using monistat and yogurt, but I never had much significant discharge with the umpteen yeast infections I’ve had in the past.

I had read up on diet restrictions as far as starches and sugars go…so, I am cutting those things out slowly (only going on day 3 or so). I was so concerned about die-off with the baby that I didn’t want to go radical. But I thought I could at least be smart and eat healthier…limiting the amount of breads and definately cutting out all the desserts.

Aside from a low-lying placenta, I don’t have any other pregnancy issues – other than the reoccuring UTIs. Have been treated for about 3 of them so far this pregnancy, each have 2 to 3 rounds of antibiotics, followed inevitably by yeast infections during and/or after treatment.

I stopped taking the 50 billion probiotic feeling that it was just too potent, but I started on Primodophilus Original which has a 5 billion mixture of acidophilus and rhamnosus. The yogurt has been helping significantly with itching, but the swelling and sore remain. My husband says that it makes sense that the home remedies to take time to heal…not like the prescription meds that kill everything good and bad on site. That makes sense to me too…wishing at this point I pursued a career in alternative medicine…lol

Again, I thank you so much for your help 🙂