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Angor;31030 wrote:

With a proper treatment, diet, and immune stimulation, this syndrome can be cured even when it may take 2 or 3 years for the harder cases.

Jorge, I really don’t mean any offence by asking this. But, I just have to do it. At first you said enemas was the absolute way to reaching a cure since the infestation is in the colon. I’ve read a post by you on curezone earlier where you say you’re absolutely sure the infestation is in the small intestine and by treating the small intestine you will reach a cure. Now you say immune stimulation is the way to go. Did you actually cure yourself by doing immune stimulation? I have to ask becausee each time I read these posts by you I feel like, aha! that’s the way to do it. And I don’t want to bark up the wrong tree.

No offense at all. I keep saying that a severe case needs enemas, and yes, the infection growths in the colon more than any other part of the intestines. Read ” The Yeast Syndrome ” and ‘The Missing Diagnosis”.

Are you sure you read something in Curezone earlier where I say the infection is in the small bowel ??
I bet that no. I have a lot of time I don’t post in Curezone, but if you go to the archives, and find and old post by me sure you will read nonsense. I got the infection in 2008, and when began to research, I didn’t know anything about this syndrome. I made a lot of mistakes and followed many wrong ideas. The same ideas are circulating in the web for long time.

By the way, I always said that enemas need to be done together with a diet and supplements. The enemas took me to symptom free at high speed, but “cure” who knows that ?? I doubt that anybody with chronic candidiasis get a cure without correcting the root cause of his/her case which is most if the time immunologic.