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nicolita;31025 wrote:

Has anyone ever been cured of yeast infections of the gut? I read and identify with so many stories of lives destroyed (or nearly-so..) by chronic fatigue, brain fog, mood swings and tertiary neurological symptoms, but I don’t think I’ve ever read a post by anyone who had cured themselves back to a level anywhere near normalcy. Is it all futile? Are our lives infinitely worthless if we’re merely living to pay off this perpetually waxing health deficit?

Please say something if you’ve heard of anyone restoring their health after falling prey to this pernicious fungus.

I’m with you.


Why am I doing this? I’ve been eating ridiculously healthy for the past 5 weeks, and nothing has changed. If anything I now feel like I’m fatigued from hunger all the time on top of the normal fatigue, brain fog, sinus pain, headaches, etc. I definitely feel like I’m fighting a losing battle, especially because it seems like people here just struggle and struggle and never get better. 🙁

Nicolita, 5 weeks are nothing. You must find the strenght to go on for months before you really start seeing lasting change. And even after these months there’s a good chance you won’t be finished. But it’s mutch better than doing nothing. Getting nowhere. This way you will atleast change your way of living to the better and maybe in the end reach a cure. Are you eating according to the website diet or the forum diet? And there’s actually no need to starve. There’s plenty of delicious things you can cook from the allowed ingredients. You can even have yogurt. Hello heaven! Yogurt with cinnamon mmmmmmmmmmm. Injera bread made of teff mmmmmmmmm. Check out the recipes on the website. You don’t have to starve. Also, it’s only you who decides what you eat. The forum diet says you’re only allowed to have chicken or fish once a week. But if you decide so you can have it two or three och every day of the week. Maybe this will mean that the recovery process takes longer, but in the end it’s all up to you.