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raster wrote: A little magnesium/calcium is better than none, right?

You obviously don’t know what you’re talking about in some areas of your posts. Since this is the case, you need to do at least a bit of research before passing on such advice as, “A little magnesium/calcium is better than none.” If you bothered to read the ingredients in Candida Clear then you should know that the product contains no calcium, and I wasn’t just practicing my typing skills when I posted that magnesium shouldn’t be taken without calcium as they depend on each other. I’ll clarify that statement for you; the absorption and metabolism of magnesium depends upon the intake of calcium along with it, the same is true as far as calcium depending on magnesium for metabolism and absorption, thus my original statement, “they depend on each other.” In addition to this, when two nutrients depend on each other, taking only one of the nutrients can cause a deficiency of the other. This is often the case when people take only one or two B vitamins, they can become deficient in the others.