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Thanks for your answers Able and raster!

Able – when I think about it makes sense actually not taking all the antifungals at the same time. Been reading about the protocol. In regards to antifungals, I eat coconut oil daily and use garlic frequently. Should I use something else as well in addition? How many different antifungals should I take for the treatment to be effective?

I suppose since I was already on grapefruit seed extract for three months last year the Candida would have adapted to that already.

Raster – Yes I am taking probiotics (have been since a year). Currently using Udo’s Choice super8. on the protocol there is a note that after a month I should not only change to a higher count but also change to another brand – is it not advisable to keep using thye same over a long time?

One more question, about liver detoxification. I am not sure I can get Molybdenum in Norway. Would it be ok to use i.e. Milk thistle capsules? My doctor also prescribed me Ultra Clear powder for this purpose – will that suffice?