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Hello, and welcome to the forum.

I know someone is going to want to say “oh, well, just go visit the doctor”.

Trust me, advising you to see a doctor for a Candida infestation is the last thing you would hear from me.

I’ve eaten til I was full with the added brown rice, meat

Candida albicans are extremely adaptive; your infestation appears to have adapted to an environment of “less of everything” as far as the foods that they live on other than basically rice, and the rice is going a long way in keeping the infestation thriving. Since you don’t have access to a proper probiotic or kefir at the moment, unfortunately, it’ll be necessary to try to avoid anything at all that will supply the Candida with a food supply; otherwise, they’ll do just what they seem to have done.

The meat is also contributing to a beneficial environment with the production of ammonia when it is broken down in the body. Ammonia is needed by the Candida for existence, in fact, they’re capable of producing it themselves. Adding more than they normally exist on by eating meat products will only make it easier for their continued existence and virulence.