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Oh Me
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Belganson-Thank you for the suggestion; I am going to be leaving in a few days so I’m not sure if I will be picking up any from the store now, but making my own kefir and yogurt are future goals of mine!

While searching for a simple and inexpensive cleanse last night I found the sea salt flush. I mixed 1 tsp sea salt with 1 liter of warm water. Nothing happened, except I needed to pee like mad! lol

I wonder if the solution wasn’t strong enough?

After an uneventful flush, I took 2 tbs coconut oil in tea.

That certainly caused a reaction. I was up most the night with pain, nausea, and cramping. My abdomen is distended and I uploaded pictures. This is my first time doing so online and I hope they work 🙂 I am a slim woman and my abdomen usually doesn’t go maybe a inch over my hip bones.

I’ve been drinking fluids all day and will take some olive oil in a bit which will hopefully help. Good luck everyone!