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Here’s a cheap and easy cleanse you can do if you are interested:

Keep in mind the cleanse won’t kill very much of the candida and its completely optional; it only sets your body’s environment a little bit before you start to recover.

I would do some kind of transition diet where you transition into a strict anti-candida diet. Keep in mind you won’t get a cure unless you take probiotics; its the single most important thing you need to get better. The diet alone won’t cure you, you need supplements (vitamins, probiotics, antifungals and more) as well.

A great way to get the body functioning a little bit better is to do acupuncture which will heal specific organs and help detox the body.

You need to get the toxins out of your body as much as possible and sweating out the toxins naturally (steam room, sauna, hot tub, jacuzzi) is one of the best ways to reduce die-off.