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Oh Me
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I feel awful.

I got through a day and half and then had a major binge. I had so much thrush in my throat last night I could barely swallow. I even took two Benadryl because I was having trouble breathing and I was worried my throat was going to close up.

I think the stress of moving this week is getting to me, but I also feel like breaking the plan is easier now. In the past I could manage to stick to the diet for several months at a time and now it’s almost like because I have failed so much it’s more likely to happen again. I think my body is also more attached to the yeast now. I feel physically ill without sugar and carbs, but then when I give in it’s in amounts I previously never would have indulged in. I shock myself at how much sugar/carbs I can eat in a day and it sometimes gets to the point that I’m sick and it all just comes back up.

This morning I’ve just been trying to pull things back together. I’ve been doing a lot of research on the alkaline diet and I’m going to try that. I’ve been a vegan for several years before and also a raw food vegan for a period. I didn’t experience the health and wellbeing I hoped for, so I’m going to try and aim for 80% alkaline and 20% lean meats, fish, and acidic items. I know fruit is a problem with the candida however I don’t feel like my body is strong enough to handle a lot of detox right now. My first priority is to get my eating under control and the candida to a more manageable level. After that I will be able to implement some more drastic changes that will hopefully enforce some greater die off.

But, right now I’m going to go treat myself to an epsom salt bath and enjoy the veggies I stocked the fridge. I hope you all are doing well 🙂 Keep at it despite the set backs!!