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Thank you both for the advice – that’s quite reassuring that it’s okay just to take it slowly.

My symptoms are fatigue and swollen glands, mainly, but since I cut out gluten I suddenly had a vaginal infection which I presume must have been die-off? I’m also finding that how much coconut oil I take has an effect on how sore my glands are, so I presume it must be doing something useful, and hopefully I can just take enough to keep it at a manageable level.

I haven’t seen kefir here but we have a yoghurty sort of drink called laban which is kind of like liquid natural yoghurt, so I’m having a lot of that. We also have labneh, which is strained yoghurt but is more like cream cheese. I have also been eating quite a bit of meat – hadn’t realised I shouldn’t be but perhaps it’s not too bad if I’m getting a bit of die-off anyway?

My daughter is 2.5 and I’ve no idea when she’s going to stop breastfeeding! I don’t really want to put it off as I’ve been feeling rough anyway and I need that to change, and also because we’d actually like to try for another child sometime soon and don’t want to do that with candida.

She had a big eczema flare-up in the last couple of weeks so I’m wondering if that was a bit of die-off for her, as she hasn’t been having quite so much gluten and sugar in her diet (although I’m not really restricting what she eats in any way, apart from less junk food). The eczema has gone right down now. She often complains of a sore vagina (it gets very red) and sore mouth, so we have the oral daktarin gel and she’s been having that and lots of yoghurt. I think a probiotic supplement is the only one I’m going to be able to take, so can’t imagine that will do her any harm (I took one when she was newborn as we both had thrush then as well). Hadn’t thought about toxins in the breastmilk but I think she’s probably old enough (and eats enough other food) to cope with them okay.