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You are experimenting and using supplements that most of the people on the forum have not used in their treatment so you won’t be getting much advice from us.

For probiotics, we do not recommend the one’s you are taking:

Probiotics are the single most important thing you need to get better, not antifungals.

I think you may have the wrong mindset slightly. You shouldn’t be so focused on killing the candida…what you should be focused on is creating an environment within the gut where candida is unable to thrive.

Do you have leaky gut, have you healed it yet?

Have you tried SF722 undecenoic acid?

Check out this post, this is the closest thing to a biofilm protocol you will find on the internet:

I take enzymes and I think you should look at taking pro-gest digestive enzymes instead of candex. Superior product…

What are your remaining symptoms?