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Riinehart wrote: Hi everyone…

I noticed that Thomas has stated he also has (or had?) some urinary problems along with the other more common candida-related symptoms… Has anyone else had the same?

I have the same issue, which has been troubling me, as I do not know if it is related to candida or something else entirely. Over the past several months, much as my other symptoms had progressed, I also found myself having to urinate more and more often – a great pressure to do so, the ‘flow’ is not the same, and even what I felt to be some light pain or pressure in my kidney areas.

I’ve been very strictly on the diet for 12 weeks now and, although some of my other symptoms (fatigue, brain fog) have improved, this one hasn’t.

I’ve recently had a urinalysis and a urine culture, both of which showed everything to be completely normal. I also had blood tests which supposedly show that my kidneys and prostate are functioning normally.

I’ve read a few articles and studies that candidiasis can be related to prostatitis as well as fungal urinary tract infections.

Anyone else? Maybe this is somehow unrelated, although it’s progressed simultaneously?

Hyper-urination and urgency to urinate are classic symptoms of CRC.
Don’t know why ??? The intestinal inflammation press the prostate and bladder.