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This is a very normal symptom. I had the urinary burn as well. Able said it was a minor UTI (urinary tract infection), which is caused by inflammation.

After about 3-4 months on the diet and supplements, this finally went away completely. It was one of the last lingering symptoms for me and it was not chill!

I still wake up early and need to go to the bathroom. My naturopathic doctor has a homeopathic medicine I can take the prevent this.

I noticed garlic sorta made the burn worse. Anyone else notice this?

A great way to reduce inflammation is to go on either an anti-inflammatory diet (eating foods such as broccoli, fish, etc) or to take anti-inflammatory supplements such as vitamin C(with bioflavanoids) or cod liver oil. I take a type of cod liver oil that is fermented which has probiotic properties and a more natural ratio of vitamin D. It is very hard to purchase online and you cannot find it at your local vitamin store most likely.