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Diane’s story caused me to think about some information concerning how most people with Candida eventually start wondering if it’s possible to pass Candida to someone else through sexual intercourse, oral sex, or even kissing another person.
If you have oral thrush and kiss someone, you can’t actually ‘give’ Candida to another person, even though, through kissing, some of the fungi could be transferred to their mouth.
However, everyone, even individuals without a Candida infestation, has a certain amount of Candida yeast in their body and mouth, so if the level of yeast in the person’s mouth is higher than what is considered normal then it’s logical that the increase in fungi could possibly make all the difference that is needed to develop thrush. It’s also logical that the same can be true for of oral sex.

In relationship to intercourse, Candida normally can only be caused by having unprotected sex multiple times over a fairly short period of time. The reason for this is that semen is of an alkaline environment, and the vagina is acidic. This means that the semen can create an alkaline environment in the vagina, and if all other aspects are favorable, then a yeast infection or even Candida can occur. So it makes sense that if a condom is worn, there should be no problem.