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flailingWcandi wrote: My birds and I used to be very close, “give me a kiss” and shared a lot of time in close quarters. I’ve since surrendered them for our combined best life/health interests, as heart breaking as it was to pass them forward (they are in the best hands now). They had proven yeast/fungal issues and we didn’t have sex. Soooo, there’s that…research or no, it’s truth….

That actually makes some sense, no matter how weird it looks at first read.;jsessionid=8C0E06532C9604C873ABDD01F3F20794

But there’s no research or proof that it’s ever been passed from human to human via any way other than unprotected sexual intercourse, and even then the terrain would have to be readily suitable for a Candida overgrowth. Just as round after round of antibiotics can’t cause a Candida infestation in everyone who has lived through these, the same goes for ‘catching’ Candida infestations.