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You can not touch any chelator that chelate mercury with amalgams in your mouth. Never but never you can do it. Mercury leaking from your amalgams is mobilized by chelators such as ALA and will go straight to your brain and organs. It is absolutely crazy to do it. It is the first warning Cutler gives in his book. There isn’t way someone in his right mind can do it. To chelate mercury from your body, the leak source has to stop, even in this way, there is a high risk of redistribution. Amalgams leak every single second.

It is really hard for you to understand it.??

You are contradicting yourself again. In your original post you say mercury from amalgams is what ” most often ” cause the problems.
How mercury in amalgams can cause problems when you are now trying to say there is not leaking from them ???
Do you think someone can take you seriously about it ??