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Able900 wrote: Heavy metals (mercury, lead, etc.) are in our environment in so many forms that it’s impossible for us to avoid them all. When our body comes into contact with these heavy metals they collect in our cells. When the amount of metals reaches an elevated concentrations all over the body they are able to suppress the ability of our cells to make use of oxygen in the manner that is needed for health and protection. At this point the body is suffering from heavy metal poisoning. The number of people who are affected by this is growing every year, and this is mainly because of all the additional toxins in our environment such as the air we breathe on a daily basis, medications we take, food we eat, and just about everything else with which we come into contact.

Ways of contracting heavy metal overload are numerous, such as vaccinations, flu shots (even the newest versions), passed from mother to baby, contraception pills, certain commercial products such as contact lenses solution, and most often, silver fillings in the teeth containing mercury and called “dental amalgams.”

Heavy metal toxicity can cause problems to our brain and nervous system, cognitive impairment and nerve damage as well as damage to the kidneys and other organs.
In general the human body is equipped with various mechanisms which prevent problems stemming from outside influences. In the case of heavy metal poisoning, yeast overgrowth is the body’s defense in an attempt to keep heavy metals from doing such damage to our bodies as described above. I doubt that I need to explain how heavy metals in the body would make it that much more difficult to cure a Candida infestation.

A test for heavy metal overload in one’s system is available from certain MD’s as well as many alternative health providers. The test involves the administration of one dose of a substance called dimercaptosuccinic acid or (DMSA). 24 hours after the dose is taken the urine is tested and analyzed for heavy metals. Hair testing is also available, but not nearly as reliable.

Chelation therapy is the administration of agents or compounds which contain properties that have the ability to remove heavy metals from the human body. Dimercaptosuccinic acid (DMSA) is a compound containing carboxylic acid and a mild but rather unpleasant odor. It’s used for chelating therapy or for general chelating.

When a person has been treating a Candida infestation for a prolonged period of time without a good and noticeable improvement, heavy metal toxicity may be the problem. In this case, DMSA can be purchased and used chelating heavy metals. According to research, DMSA is exceptionally safe.
DMSA should be taken in on-again off-again cycles; normally three days on and eleven days off. The reason is to allow the body time to regenerate the glutathione levels, so three days on and eleven days off is the fastest and safest way to use DMSA as a chelating agent.

In addition to DMSA, natural treatments can also help. Chlorella, cilantro, pectin can help. Seaweed contains algins which bind heavy metals and help to element them. Calcium and silica is good for displacing lead. Breaking down body fat is a way to remove mercury, and Grape Bitters or Swedish Bitters are actually the easiest way to help remove the metals.

If you decide to use DMSA or natural remedies either one, a product by the name of Amla will protect the DNA from heavy metal damage as they are being forced out.


So, were you out of your mind when you wrote it ??
Does this post from you say something about silver fillings as a mercury source ?? You even mentioned that most often this is the case when mercury is present.
Does this topic say something about it is much more difficult to cure candida when people are contaminated with mercury ??
Where is your credibility when you go back and forth ??
Why you contradict me when I warned people about mercury when you have done the same even no knowing proper chelation technics ??

Let see what people on this forum think about your internal contradictions.