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Bozley wrote: hey guys,

all i can say is what a relief to stumble across some people in the same boat as me. my life is nearly in ruins from CF, thus i’m in need of some people who can actually have a tidbit of understanding of how it is to live with this wretched illness.

those links look great so thanks to the person who imparted them. chris, your story is scarily similar to mine, well in fact it’s almost synonymous. from what I gather we’re both the same age too. uncanny.

i’d be wary of weed because i know it can strain the adrenal glands and i’m guessing that our adrenals aren’t in marvelous form. i know this because i thoroughly looked into it a week ago after i shared a joint at a party with some friends- i was desperately trying to find a vice because i sure as hell haven’t found one in this diet- and the day after i felt abysmal. this could, however, be due to the fact i’ve been having herxheimer reactions since day one of the diet and was feeling pretty lousy anyway. i think the occasional joint wouldn’t go amiss once in a while though. it’d probably keep me sane chlofoso 🙂

anyway just wanted to say hello and find a sense of comfort in conversing with people walking in my shoes, or me in theirs, whatever.


Here you have one more to read.
This one by Dr. Cranton who was pioneer treating CRC.