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Chlofloso wrote: Hi Chris. I guess I would call that CFS, unfortunately.
Nice to hear that the Candida treatment is helping you a bit. How long have you been on it, if I may wonder?

On and off it for over a year now. But really feeling awake is a very rare occurence. The last time I felt really awake was almost a year ago, when I was basically starving myself. I can’t go through starving myself again, as it makes my depression worse, which in turn hinders my progress. So I cheat for my minds sake.

I noticed that last year I strayed too far of the diet and thus had to go back to super strict mode for the second time, which started a month ago. Still feel like crap though (okay I cheat). But then again, I was chronically fatigued before candida, so diet is important, but not everything.

Do you know the cause of your problems?