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There is an adrenal fatigue test you can take where you swab the inside of your cheeks 3-4x per day and send the samples to a lab. It costed me a little over $100 US.

What it showed is that I have low adrenals but not adrenal fatigue. It also showed that I didn’t snack very often and that I didn’t chew my food that much. These results were analyzed by my naturopath. I have been trying to chew my food more, but I usually am hungry enough to just gobble my food down quickly. It is a hard habit to break.

What caused my low adrenals? Probably poor sleep, poor nutrition, and substance abuse (such as caffeine, cigarrettes, and pot).

My fiance also has low adrenals and it was caused by stress, poor diet, and not enough sleep as well. She didn’t get tested but has been taking a homeopathic that gives her more energy.